Heritage Style is a vision, where Native American heritage meets Texan Style. It is a dream that is so much more than selling jewelry.

heritage_6334I have always loved to own unique pieces. When a special {Native American} man walked into my life, my interest and appreciation for this culture evolved to a marriage of two very different lifestyles. With that, Heritage Style was born.

Each piece is hand-picked as if I would be adding them to my personal collection; and a few of these are exceptionally tough to let go. All of these treasures have their own unique story, making this all the more special. 

Allow me to introduce myself:

I am Kelli (Chapman) LeClair. My roots will always be in Waxahachie and Lubbock, Tx (Wreck ‘Em!), but my wings have landed me in Central Wyoming with my husband, Hirchell. At the base of the Wind River mountains, we own and manage LeClair Cattle Company, a commercial and show cattle operation.
My obsessions are my Westie, Charleigh, Texas Tech football and cheap wine on an eclectic patio (preferably in downtown Lubbock if we’re going to get specific). I’m a total foodie- I have zero self-control and will make an excuse at least twice a week to celebrate something with a completely indulgent meal.
Agriculture has always had a piece of my heart- I grew up on a small farm, earned my Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Agriculture Communications from Texas Tech, and now raise cattle with my husband. A day in the life? If i’m not jewel hunting, chances are i’m at a cow show, riding to a cow show, or getting ready for a cow show.

As we celebrate our 2nd anniversary, this dream that has evolved into a brand has changed so much. Every single day i’m blown away at the community of women who are “Heritage Style”. The most humbling part of Heritage Stye’s journey thus far: Ladies who started as strangers, clicked “follow”, became a customer, and now hold the title of friend. Many of these women, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and get to know more personally at trade shows and cattle shows- how freaking cool. I’m not one to be extrovert enough to “look” to make friends- women from across the country that I would have never otherwise interacted with, I now look forward to catching up with, both face-to-face and virtually, and truly value our relationships,

I’m never content; it’s really annoying curse and something I try to improve upon daily. Always hustling for more. A few bucket lists: Go to Rome, Host a booth at the NFR, Become more connected with my faith, establish LeClair Cattle Co South. Onward and upward, right?

I’d love for you to join me on this venture, follow me on Facebook at @HeritageStyle or Instagram at @heritage.style to ride along.

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