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How To: Travel with Jewelry

How To: Travel with Jewelry
With the crazy amount of time I spend on the road; hunting jewels + chasing cattle, I’m often asked for tips and tricks of {efficiently} traveling with our precious jewels.
Rule #1: Travel day I always wear solid clothing so I can pile to jewels on. The odds  of it getting lost/tangled/broken are far fewer if i’m wearing the goods. Going through TSA, I opt for a pat-down 100% of the time. You can just whip all your necklaces around your neck (so the bulk is on your back) and you’ll be good to go!
Rule #2: Put your jewels in your purse/carry on versus your checked bag. I’m always right on that 50lb line, and Sterling anything is HEAVY. On top of that, a checked bag with lots of jewels WILL get searched. Whether you’d prefer to use your lbs on clothes + shoes, or just plain want to keep your personal belongings private, keeping the bulk of your jewelry on you as you travel, is your solution to both!
Rule #3: The carabiner isn’t just for closing gates (or climbing rocks I guess)! Necklaces FullSizeRender-11.jpeg
get tangled + rings get misplaced, A $5 carabiner is the perfect organization tool for this! I like to put the “wad” into a boot or shoe, for a little extra protection and so I know exactly where it is. A 7 day pill organizer is also a perfect, inexpensive tool for organizing your smaller items like earrings and rings.
Rule #4: For road trips, all of my necklaces are hung on the hanger of their respective outfit. (I put my jeans, top, jacket, etc for the day all on 1 heavy hanger- making moving in and out of hotels MUCH easier!) Not only does it keep me organized, but I swear it cuts down on overpacking jewelry and the getting ready stopwatch.
To pull it all together, if you’re just wanting to keep it simple: travel with your staples. Navajo Pearls, Turquoise studs and a couple of stacker cuffs. A few items, that are sure to match for any occasion.
Happy Traveling, ladies!