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How To: Put Your Best Face Forward!

How To: Put Your Best Foot, Face, Forward!

This weeks “How-To” segment is featuring my girl Kylie Owen of Que Cute Style Boutique! Y’all probably don’t know the fun fact behind the relationship between the two of us, a seed planted long before Heritage Style or QCSB was born. Ya’ll already know we love to support each other. Kylie and I worked together live broadcasting the Houston Livestock Show + Rodeo, Spring of 2013 (am I right Kylie?!) Anyways, since then we’ve grown together and our hobbies have turned into our livelihoods. It’s no IMG_0031.JPGcoincidence how the livestock industry bonds us all together my friends!

Now that {hopefully} you’ve caught Kylie’s live video on “How-To” do a full face. Here’s her Top 5 take home’s of putting your best face forward! 

Rule #1 SKINCARE: It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on makeup, if you don’t invest in good skincare your makeup won’t look good. It’s like trying to paint a picture on canvas vs a paper towel or sand paper.

Rule #2: Listen to your mama, you need SOME COLOR on your lips. If you do your whole face, but leave your lips alone you won’t look finished.

Rule #3: Tinted Moisturizer or a B.B. Cream will make you look human on days you aren’t doing a full face. Put your best foot forward even if that foot has on tennis shoes and you’re wearing a T-shirt and leggings.

Rule #4: Makeup’s job is to enhance YOUR natural beauty. So only do what you feel comfortable in. If you want to wear lashes as long as the Mississippi, girl you rock it! If you’re more of a 5 minute face kind of sista, then own the natural look and love it!

Rule #5: Listen to Rachel Hollis and wash your face. Don’t sleep in your makeup. I did for years (& still do occasionally) and my face suffers for it. It’s absolutely horrible for your skin. See #1.

Kelli again, Kylie has seriously taught SO much on how to do my makeup, and little tricks of just plain making the a.m. regimen simpler. Hope y’all have enjoyed this little ray of sunshine today I as much as I do, the girl is dang good at what she does!


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