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Ask Me Anything, TOP 4!

Ask Me Anything, TOP 4!

Ya’ll are all familiar with Instagram’s question feature, and I figured it was time for me to play along! Here’s the TOP 4 questions y’all have for me!


I’ll start with the easiest question, that I get asked often!

Q1: Do you have a favorite piece, and does it have a story? 

Answer: Absolutely! Without question, the jewelry I wore on our wedding day. I’ve only worn this hairpiece the one time, however it stays “out” with my everyday jewelry.

This cuff was my wedding gift from Hirchell. It’s a mans cuff by an extremely prestigious artist and was actually purchased out of a collection at Harvard University and wasn’t

Photos by: Paige Wallace Photography

for sale. I don’t wear it very often, but I think its safe to say it will always be my favorite piece. Funny thing, as Heritage Style was in its infant stages when we got married, and when Hirchell began the quest for this piece, the brand hadn’t even been thought about being born!

Another side note, you might recognize the beadwork on the handmade moccasins I wore. The Shoshoni Rose, also the inside of the Heritage Style logo.


Q2: Where is you favorite place to shop? 

Answer: Another easy one! Its a 3 Step Process: 1. Staple, 2, Jewels, 3. Style Pop.

I like to mix it up with forever staples + pops of classy trends. For my staples- I stick to solid, neutrals. Not only are they classic, you can get away will fewer staples to work from, and they serve as a wonderful blank canvas to build my jewel game upon. For these, I love J Crew, Banana Republic,Madewell, Free People, and Lulu’s.

After I’ve got steps 1 and 2 tackled, i’ll add my western “style pop”- i’m super into bomber jackets, neck scarves and high-top cowboy boots at the moment. Double D Ranch, Tasha Polizzi, Ivy Jane, Driftwood.  I tend to gravitate toward adding accent to areas where I don’t pile on the jewels.

Photo by Morgan Meisenheimer


Case and point: If you creep a little, you’ll notice I wear this black top at least once a week.
Change it up with a pile of jewels and a printed skirt and I’m willing to bet you didn’t even recognize it!

If and when I splurge on a high-end item, I make sure it’s something that with be good for YEARS!



Q3: How did you start selling and how do you find your vintage jewelry? 

Answer: Watching  Hirchell day in and day do what he loves for a living, raise cattle, is what planted the seed for me find something that I could love that much. Thats really how

The debut squash blossom I sold, Savannah, from our first buying trip.

the founding of Heritage Style surfaced. As for finding it- A LOT OF TRAVEL. We live on a reservation, which helps, however the majority is hitting the pavement. My husband has taught me a lot about respectfully dealing with Native Americans tribes. Its trying, however it’s such a bucket-filler to go back to the roots that  is the art of old-school Native American jewelry. Hirchell has always has an incredible eye for sifting through vintage, and has slowly taught me tricks of the jewel-hunting trade. He taught me A LOT about recognizing quality jewelry.


Q4: How do you stay motivated in such a competitive industry? 

Answer: My customers 100%. I’ve wanted the vision of Quality over Quantity in jewelry + people to be the definition of Heritage Style; and work daily to hold true to that. I HAVE THE MOST LOYAL CUSTOMERS! I’m so dang lucky, that in an extremely saturated market, my customers continue to look to + trust me. Whenever I start to get sucked in, I turn to the tribe that is Heritage Style, and know “We Got This!”

Have more questions??? Ask away, ladies!